Characteristics of The Holy Buddha Relics

The kind of the Buddha’s relics

The Buddha’s relics are found to be different to the bone of the ordinary people. However, we have found some kind of the Buddha’s relics which looked the same as those of ordinary people from the Buddhist sanctuaries or museums in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and anywhere else in the world. They can be separated into 2 main groups:

The Buddha’s relics which looked like Dhātu
These kind are found mainly in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar, etc. They are as described in the Tipitaka. In Thailand, they are in Buddhist sanctuaries of temples.


The Buddha’s relics which looked like bone

These kind are found only in the ancient places in India. The British Government presented them twice to Thailand in the period of King Rama V, he was pleased to allocate them in the Golden Mount of Wat Sraket in Bangkok and the Chedi Sri Mahathat of Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, Bangkhen.


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