Characteristics of The Holy Buddha Relics

Relics of the Buddha and his Disciples


We found there are a lot of studies and textbooks referring to the relics of the Buddha and his disciples and they each have their various details. So we have tried to collect all of the important information, collating it and arranging it systematically in order to facilitate study.

The relics of the Buddha and his disciples are said to confirm the results of dhamma practice. However it is difficult  to indicate the level of the attainment as there are a lot of opinions about this amongst monks and laity. Therefore, not wanting to go along with any point of view in particular, we would like to use the word, “Savaka-dhatu” or “Relics of his disciples” instead of “Arahant-dhutu” except for the Arahants who were alive in the Buddha’s period because they were admired by the Lord of Buddha for their practice. And in some parts we will use the word “Dhatu“ instead of “Relics“ as there are differences in physical charactaristics which are obviously seen.

All of the information in this website comes from the various sources such as the Tipitaka, the commentary, the textbooks or trustworthy people. There might be something different from other books or we may have added more information which is not shown in any books or cut out some stories which have no references, such as the stories of Buddha‘s relics which were not in any reference book or have no references to support them. I have never believed that these were not Buddha’s relics, and similarly for relics which not in any reference book. However, anybody who doesn’t believe in these might be biased.


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