Characteristics of The Holy Buddha Relics

Relic Wonders

The Buddha’s relics and relics of his disciples or dhatu are valuable and are looked after by devas. They can themselves show wonders such as increasing and decreasing themselves , lightening, shining in the dark , flying around the container, flying thru the air in all directions and transforming themselves to various shape etc.

The transformation of relics is something wonderful because the normal bones or cremated bones could be transformed to be crystal or to be the other shapes which are colourful. Some are like gravel and some are like glass and not only bones could be transformed but also nails, teeth , or even their chewed refuse betels could also be transformed into relics.

There are several monks nowadays whose bones could be transformed into relics and their relics are plenty. Their relics also can show wonders such as increasing and decreasing themselves, lightening, shining in the dark etc. This is a confirmation of wonder showing that even the normal bones of the present monks could be transformed into relics, so the Buddha‘s relics and his disciples relics could be more wonderful things.


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